<Back with Katharina and Book, they are trying to get to the tent with the sword without drawing attention. Katharina is keeping a very dim light at her staff to help them see.>
Book: <whispering> I think the fog is clearing ... someone will see that light, soon!
Katharina: <whispering> I know, I KNOW! But we're almost there!
<They find the tent Katharina enters first>
Katharina: <whispering> Here it is! QUICK!
Book: <whispering> I still don't understand what you're hoping -
Katharina: <whispering> SHUT UP AND HELP ME GET IT OUT!
<Katharina walks up to a box locked up with chains and starts fiddling with it>
Katharina: <whispering> Nearly ... come on hands, stop SHAKING ... !
Book: <whispering> Let me help - WAIT I THINK I HEARD SOMETHING!
<he looks toward one side of the tent>
Book: <whispering> ... I ... think there might be someone outside ... !
<A bix axe rips open that side of the tent and he stumbles backwards>
<Khima looms over him from behind it and grins down at him>
Khima: ... I KNEW I saw two little rats scuttling in here!



Alt-text: "Just for the record: this Khima has no relation to a certain halfling paladin (I named her before I listened to Critical Role)"

Now, there are a couple of things these two might have done ... smarter.

Maybe Kat shouldn't have made a light, not even such a dim one ... maybe Book shouldn't have continued whispering after he heard something ...  

... but to be honest, they were bound to be found sooner or later. It was just a question of by whom.

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