<Khima looms over Book>
Khima: You don't know for HOW LONG I've wanted to cut your GLIB LITTLE TONGUE out, bookworm!
Book: Khima, WAIT! L-let's TALK about this!
Khima: Oh, we're GONNA "talk"!
<She lifts her axe threateningly>
Khima: But first I'll CHOP OFF YOUR LEGS to make sure you don't run!
<Katharina blasts Khima away from Book>
Katharina: NO!!
<Khima gets up again, now furious>
Khima: HRMF. ... You think you're CLEVER, huh?
<Book and Katharina both step back, looking terrified>
Book: J ... just run, Katharina! I'll ... h-hold her off ... !
Katharina: <faintly> I have to get the sword for shara ... !
<Khima charges into them while Katharina starts blasting her with fire, much stronger than she expected>
Khima: I'mma tear you both in haaaaaaaAAAAAAAGHHHHH!!!



Alt-text: "It's a nice sentiment - but how exactly were you going to hold her off, Book ... ?"

Sometimes you can counter magic by just tackling into it and take it for a few moments before you reach the mage and knock them out.

Sometimes you ... can't.

One thought on “page425

  1. And now, once Khima has been pushed back and stumbled into a bottomless pit:
    “I’ve got the power!” *Kat beatboxing and dancing the shuffle while Book kneels down to adore her*

    It’s just such a mood, today …

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