Sometimes you can counter magic by just tackling into it and take it for a few moments before you reach the mage and knock them out

Sometimes you … can’t.

↓ Transcript
<Khima looms over Book>
Khima: You don't know for HOW LONG I've wanted to cut your GLIB LITTLE TONGUE out, bookworm!
Book: Khima, WAIT! L-let's TALK about this!
Khima: Oh, we're GONNA "talk"!
<She lifts her axe threateningly>
Khima: But first I'll CHOP OFF YOUR LEGS to make sure you don't run!
<Katharina blasts Khima away from Book>
Katharina: NO!!
<Khima gets up again, now furious>
Khima: HRMF. ... You think you're CLEVER, huh?
<Book and Katharina both step back, looking terrified>
Book: J ... just run, Katharina! I'll ... h-hold her off ... !
Katharina: <faintly> I have to get the sword for shara ... !
<Khima charges into them while Katharina starts blasting her with fire, much stronger than she expected>
Khima: I'mma tear you both in haaaaaaaAAAAAAAGHHHHH!!!