<Shara leans over to him>
Shara: Let's talk 'bout something else.
Aken: Like what?
Shara: What d'you do here, Aken?
Shara: You don't care 'bout laws ... you're a criminal, just like me. I can sense that.
Aken: Oh, I didn't know byzarian noses were that good ... especially considering the fact that I never made a secret about that to you.
<She sits down beside him>
Shara: Ngh ... oh, shut up. So what d'you do for a living? Stealing? Dealing with ... stuff? Information?
Aken: Oh, I'm just an artist giving a show for the crowd every evening ...
Shara: Uh-huh ...
Aken: And I may refrain from telling said crowd they're being robbed while they're watching as long as I get a share of it afterwards.
Shara: That's it? That's ... harmless.
Aken: And else ... you said it, mostly dealing with information. I try not to get involved in the heavier crimes, but I always have everything you need to know about them, if you pay the right price.
Shara: You sell to guards, too?
Aken: Seldom. Depends. You know there's no honor among thieves, right?
Shara: <sighs> Boy, do I know that ...



Alt-text: "At least they're honest to each other ..."

Updated on 2017-11-05: I was really tempted to rewrite some of the lines in this whole scene .. just to make it feel less forced. But I wanted to change as little of the original art itself as possible ... and the writing is part of the art, I guess :) You might explain it with those two being a bit high from the weed ... At least I still like Shara's pose in panel 2.

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