Note how just about half an hour ago she said she was not in the mood and won’t sleep with him. On the other hand, that may have been referring┬áto sleeping with him as a payment, not to sleeping with him in general …

Updated on 2017-11-05: As much as I have trouble looking back on this scene in general, I love the last 2 panels here.

↓ Transcript
Shara: ... And no one ever tries to silence you? You seem to be widely known as an information dealer ... I just had to ask a few peasants to find you.
Aken: A lot of people owe me a favor. I have sort of a ... diplomatic immunity.
Shara: So ...
<She leans over and crawls on his lap>
Shara: <grins> ... if I now were to just kill you; up here; tonight ...
Aken: You's be dead tomorrow. And I'm not worth that much trouble to you, am I?
Shara: <more serious> So that's your thing, eh? Meddling everywhere, but not enough to be worth killing?
Aken: You could say so, yes ...
<They're staring at each other>
Aken: ... you're staring at me, Shara. What's going on in your pretty. criminal head ... ?
Shara: ... that's none of your business.
<She kisses him>