<Shara strips Aken of his shirt>
Aken: Hmm ... You're an interisting woman, Shara.
Shara: And you're just a small time ganster ... a little fish ... but an exotic one ...
<Aken runs one of his claws through her hair, removes her hairband>
Aken: And I thought I remebered you saying you don't like my claws ...
Shara: Huh. Hmph ...
Shara: Just shut up before I change my mind ... and don't start any magical bullshit ...
<She takes her top off>
Aken: <grins> Don't worry. We won't need that.
<They kiss again>



Alt-text: "... coitus ensues."

I didn't need to show any more of that scene, since, you know ... you can guess what happens next. Still, the stealthy nipple in panel 5 could make it somewhat NSFW, but hey - now that I have my own site I don't have to care about that anymore!

Also, I was told by a friend that it's somewhat weird of Shara here, to initiate sex with Aken ... I tried to explain that a little bit, later on. Mostly, Shara at this moment is in a state where she doesn't really know what she wants. She flees what's dangerous or annoying, but she doesn't know where she's gonna end up. And when the opportunity comes, she resorts to the only things she really learned, like stealing and threatening. And to sex. While it of course depends on where you are, a lot of places in Yra are still quite prudish about love and sex ... and in the amoral criminal circles where Shara hails from, sex is not only used to have fun, but also to threaten and to hurt, and as a means to get power.

So, in short, Shara has a pretty ambiguous relation to sex and love ... leading to her behaving erratic. ... Probably that's all very boring for you to read, but ... hey you don't have to! You can just read the pages and ignore what I'm rambling about!

Updated on 2017-11-05: There's not much to add to above's statement, I still find it holding true. The buildup could've been better, but I still think showing those two ending in bed was the right thing (to explain Shara's character), and I hope it didn't come off just as forcing in some bare (or furred) skin in for fanservice.

Updated on 2023-09-08: Look at me repeatedly trying to justify this scene :) In the end, if I were to rewrite this whole story, this would probably one of the first things to end up on the chopping block. And I think I kinda knew from the start, seeing as I quoted this trope in the alt-text (they changed the name it seems) ...

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