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↓ Transcript
<The next morning, Katharina and Master Coumi are in his office>
Master Coumi: I hope you slept well, Katharina.
Master Coumi: - is it alright if I call you Katharina?
Katharina: Aaactually ... I'd prefer "Miss Grauch", Master Coumi. Ând it was certainly more comfortaböe than most nights out in the wild ...
Master Coumi: As you wish. And if you need anything else in your chamber, don't hesitate to ask. I cannot promise anything, but I want your days here to be as relaxing as possible before you leave again.
Katharina: Yes - thanks -but about that, I don't know -
Master Coumi: I promised I'll explain everything, and I will. So please relax.
Master Coumi: Over two months ago, we recieved word from Master Peck, my colleague in Serpent's End. He said his guild had made some relevant discoveries and was in need for an independent expert, who has experience with barian and tyr'enn cultures, to have a look at their findings.