I wonder who Kat is talking to in panel 3.

I’m not 100% sure about the extra shadow effects coming out of that box in panels 2 and 3, but I do like panel 4 a lot.


(… also let’s hope Shara is a good catcher)

↓ Transcript
<From somewhere, Kat hears Shara screaming>
Shara: KAAAAAT!!
Katharina: S-Shara! The SWORD! Right!
Book: Are we STILL doing that?!
Katharina: <murmuring to herself> The sword ... gotta get the sword to Shara!
Book: Miss Grauch, PLEASE! I hear more people coming!
Katharina: <muttering> ... I REALLY hope you know what you're doing ...
Book: They're coming! They're SURROUNDING us! KATHARINA!
Thug: <from outside the tent> That's the mage in there! GET HER!
<Katharina closes her eyes for one moment, holding the sword in front of her>
Katharina: Lhûn ... please be with us ...
<We hear Shara shouting again from afar, louder than should be possible>
<Katharina launches the sword in the air with telekinesis, ripping through the tent wall and flying over the approaching thugs' heads>