<a few moments prior, Straw is is standing in front of Shara holding her leg, while she is held down by two thugs>
Straw: Just making sure you're not RUNNING anymore ...
Shara: NGGH ... you fuckin' CUNT!
Straw: And you STILL haven't learned how to shut your mouth and cooperate. A shame.
Shara: FUCK YOU!
Straw: ... Should I get more PHYSICAL? Like the captain? Is THAT what you're into?
Straw: Well then ...
<He hits her in the face with her metal leg>
<She is reeling for a moment>
Shara: <thinking> ... shit ... FUCK ... Gideon? Give me something! ANYTHING!
Gideon: <in her head> Hold out just a LITTLE longer ...
Shara: <thinking> For WHAT?
Gideon: <in her head> ... help is on the way.
Straw: You know ... I bet your MAGE FRIEND might be much more open to surrendering. If it's about HER, I can guarantee you that you'll both make it out of here ALIVE. UNLIKE the rest.
Shara: <spits out some blood> ... what, THAT ol' offer again?
Straw: To JOIN me? Empress, no. THAT ship's sailed. To be honest: You're gonna have a REALLY BAD TIME once we're done here. But you'll SURVIVE. For the moment.



Alt-text: "Let's get physical, physical ... "

To be honest: I might have overdone it a bit with the blood on Shara's face here. He didn't actually tear it completely open or anything ... he did smack her with a pointy metal thing, though, so ...  

Also, if you're anything like me and have a thing with characters you like but have no control over getting in ... nasty situations ... don't worry. It's not too much of a spoiler to say that Shara will get out of this soon enough.

2 thoughts on “page428

  1. Well, we know that help comes flying her way … just eager to see how she catches it with her arms held tight by those bullies. But maybe the sword will just decide to use one of them (i.e. the bullies, not the arms) as a scabbard when it lands. Would come in handy.

    Also, we’re fine with any amount of blood, even on our well-loved non-heroes :P I’m just a bit worried about Shara’s eye …

    1. And THANK YOU for that ear worm … dammit.

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