To be honest: I might have overdone it a bit with the blood on Shara’s face here. He didn’t actually tear it completely open or anything … he did smack her with a pointy metal thing, though, so …


Also, if you’re anything like me and have a thing with characters you like but have no control over getting in … nasty situations … don’t worry. It’s not too much of a spoiler to say that Shara will get out of this soon enough.

↓ Transcript
<a few moments prior, Straw is is standing in front of Shara holding her leg, while she is held down by two thugs>
Straw: Just making sure you're not RUNNING anymore ...
Shara: NGGH ... you fuckin' CUNT!
Straw: And you STILL haven't learned how to shut your mouth and cooperate. A shame.
Shara: FUCK YOU!
Straw: ... Should I get more PHYSICAL? Like the captain? Is THAT what you're into?
Straw: Well then ...
<He hits her in the face with her metal leg>
<She is reeling for a moment>
Shara: <thinking> ... shit ... FUCK ... Gideon? Give me something! ANYTHING!
Gideon: <in her head> Hold out just a LITTLE longer ...
Shara: <thinking> For WHAT?
Gideon: <in her head> ... help is on the way.
Straw: You know ... I bet your MAGE FRIEND might be much more open to surrendering. If it's about HER, I can guarantee you that you'll both make it out of here ALIVE. UNLIKE the rest.
Shara: <spits out some blood> ... what, THAT ol' offer again?
Straw: To JOIN me? Empress, no. THAT ship's sailed. To be honest: You're gonna have a REALLY BAD TIME once we're done here. But you'll SURVIVE. For the moment.