<Straw staggers back from Shara, getting scared now>
Straw: W-what in the ... somebody kill her! SHOOT her! NOW!!
<The surrounding thugs shoot some arrows/bolts at her while Straw throws a knife at her>
<Shara parries all the incoming projectiles with a huge glowing sweep>
<Straw raises a palm, now getting really panicked>
Straw: S-Shara, WAIT! Whatever this is, it CAN'T BE GOOD! Let's PUT DOWN OUR WEAPONS and -
Shara/Gideon: NO.
<Shara launches into an implossibly quick assoult, dashing between all the thugs surrounding her, slicing them up within a few seconds, leaving only Straw standing>



Alt-text: "Shara just went into her second boss phase ..."

I'm not 100% satisfied with how this page turned out, but I think it brings across what is happening well enough :)

2 thoughts on “page433

  1. S like Shara!

    1. OK the last line is destroying it a bit, turning it into a Z (like Zhara ….), but at least she started out right! Let’s see it as an attempt to underline the S …

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