Straw … I don’t know how to tell you this, but …



… you’re fucked.

↓ Transcript
<In Shara's head, Gideon is holding her hand>
Gideon: Have I promised too much?
Shara: ... no you haven't.
Gideon: Do you FEEL me?
Shara: Yes I do.
<Gideon puts his arms around her>
Gideon: I can't tell you how HAPPY this makes me.
Shara: ... what happens now?
<Gideon smiles at her>
Gideon: NOW ... how about a little DANCE?
Shara: I'm not much of a DANCER, Gideon.
<Outside, Shara is stepping down from the crates she was on, the blade in her hand. Her eyes and the blade are glowing, and strange smoke is rising from both of them. It has also given her a new, translucent leg to walk on>
Gideon: Don't worry my love. Just let ME lead for a bit.
<They look menacingly in Straw's direction>