<A recap panel of Katharina blasting the blade out of the smoldering tent>
<The blade is flying over the heads of a bunch of confused thugs>
<The blade approaches Shara's outstreched hand>
<Shara catches the blade in one hand, perfectly, at the hilt>
<Shara stands there for a moment, the right arm with the blade outstreched into the air while the blade and her eyes beging to glow>
Straw: <stares at the whole thing> ... what the FUCK?



Alt-text: "... what a catch!"

I've talked several times about how there are certain scenes that I've had in my mind for a long time ... some of them have been around in my head as setpieces basically before anything else. And I can't really put into words how cool it is that the story finally got there :)

One of these moments was a long while ago, Katharina standing in the jungle over a poisoned Shara, having to decide wether to help her despite risking her own life.

This one, Shara gripping the Traitor's Blade amidst all the chaos like it was always meant to happen, is another one. There might now be much more happening in this page, but I've tried to give the following events the space they deserve. I hope you'll enjoy them!  

2 thoughts on “page431

  1. Blade’s in control now. How it bends Shara’s hand doesn’t look to good for her wrist …

    Straw, duck and run. Might not save you, but at least you tried. Not that I have any sympathy for you … but that blade is probably a soul-sucker.

    1. P.S.: Wish the week had a few more Sundays …

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