For some reason Shara always ends up with guys who think they need to do her a favor by “protecting” her, whatever that means …

Straw might be the first one who doesn’t want to get into her pants, though (too much hair, no enough scales).

↓ Transcript
Straw: Alright guys, get some rope and tie her up before -
<An arrow hits the Drak that was holding Shara's left arm in the eye>
Straw: - FUCK!
Straw: That came from the trees! There's still someone there!!
<Shara uses the distraction to break free of the byzarian thug's grasp and pull the arrow out of the Drak's eye>
Byzarian thug: SHIT!
<Shara rams the arrow into the byzarian thug's throat>
Byzarian thug: HRGK!
<Straw gestures at the other thugs around him>
Straw: What are we PAYING you for?! GET OUT AND FIND THEM!
<Straw looks back at Shara who is trying crawl away from him>
Straw: And YOU! I've had ENOUGH of this! You've HAD your chances!
<Shara is crawling onto some crates>
Shara: Ngh ... SHIT! C'mon! Where are you, Kat?!
<She screams out, louder than should be possible>