<meanwhile, Katharina and Book are surrounded while she struggles to keep up her barrier>
Katharina: I'm sorry Jester ... I ... I can't keep up much longer ...
Book: It ... COULD'VE worked I guess?
Book: In any case ... I am SO GLAD I got to meet you, Katharina. <he grabs her arm>
Katharina: ... L-likewise
A thug: ANOTHER shield? Bloody MAGES!
Another thug: Don't worry - she won't last much longer!
A thug: Just go and get some more - wait, DO YOU HEAR THAT?
Another thug: What?
A thug: Something's going on back there. Sounds like -
A thug: - trouble.
<Shara comes soaring towards them>



Alt-text: "... you could have given them a few more moments for dying declarations of love, Shara ..."

Oh no, we're not done yet!

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  1. I guess poor Kat is about to get even more blood-traumatized …

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