<In Shara's head, Gideon is flying upwards and dragging Shara behind him>
Gideon: We can't keep doing this for much longer, I'm afraid. But it has been SOOO LONG since I've been able to stretch my legs. My ARMS. My wings?
<Meanwhile on the outside, Shara is slaughtering thugs all over, while Katharina and Book are looking on in shock and/or horror>
Gideon: ... Can you even imagine TWO HUNDRED YEARS? Whatever appendage you can think of: I needed to stretch it.
<In Shara's head, Gideon has grown into something bigger and is guiding her, while she happily lets it happen>
Gideon: I hope it doesn't bother you too much. Giving up control like that ...
<Outside, Shara is holding up the last of the thugs, preparing to finish her off>
Shara: But we didn't have time to practice a more NUANCED APPROACH. Maybe next time.



Alt-text: "Rip and tear ..."

Most of this page was drawn to this soundtrack.

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  1. “Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams, red gold and green, red gold and green …”

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