<In Shara's head>
Shara: WOW. That was ... WOW.
Gideon: I'm glad you liked it.
Shara: I ... barely UNDERSTAND what happened.
Gideon: You'll have time to process it.
Shara: Did you just ... KILL THEM ALL?
Gideon: WE, Shara. And no, not all of them ... some are still running away. But I fear if we chase after them now we might OVEREXERT YOUR BEAUTIFUL BODY ... and we can't have that, can we?
<Outside, Shara is standing still over all the dead thugs, eyes still glowing. Katharina and Book are standing a bit behind watching her>
Gideon: But don't worry: we are TRULY CONNECTED now.
Katharina: ... S-Shara?
<The power fades, her eyes stop glowing and she collapses>
Katharina: SHARA!
<Katharina sprints towards Shara, who has collapsed on the floor>



Alt-text: "... until it is done."

I could end the chapter right here ... but it wouldn't be No Heroes if I didn't take some more time to have the character talk lots and lots about what happened, wouldn't it? ;)

2 thoughts on “page437

  1. Uuuuh I know this problem, when you KONW this is the perfect image (in the reader’s mind) to stop with, but YOU STILL HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL, AND IT WILL KILL YOU TO HOLD IT BACK!!

    That’s what Kallliope gave us Intermissions and Epilogues for :D

    1. Well, I could start doing chapter prologues and epilogues, but I kinda feel it’s a bit late for that … maybe in the next project ;)

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