I could end the chapter right here … but it wouldn’t be No Heroes if I didn’t take some more time to have the character talk lots and lots about what happened, wouldn’t it? ;)

↓ Transcript
<In Shara's head>
Shara: WOW. That was ... WOW.
Gideon: I'm glad you liked it.
Shara: I ... barely UNDERSTAND what happened.
Gideon: You'll have time to process it.
Shara: Did you just ... KILL THEM ALL?
Gideon: WE, Shara. And no, not all of them ... some are still running away. But I fear if we chase after them now we might OVEREXERT YOUR BEAUTIFUL BODY ... and we can't have that, can we?
<Outside, Shara is standing still over all the dead thugs, eyes still glowing. Katharina and Book are standing a bit behind watching her>
Gideon: But don't worry: we are TRULY CONNECTED now.
Katharina: ... S-Shara?
<The power fades, her eyes stop glowing and she collapses>
Katharina: SHARA!
<Katharina sprints towards Shara, who has collapsed on the floor>