A moment of silence …



… and then a word on the composition of the expedition: at this point you might be wondering who even is still alive at this moment (i.e. who do these shilouettes in the background belong to?)

The thing is, you obviously know all of the main cast and supporting cast who is in the jungle (Kat, Shara, Pesh, Book etc.), and I also made a point of introducing all of the expedition guards (mainly to make page 414 have more impact). Who I didn’t introduce everyone of is the “civilian” helpers and laborers – we know the professors, and we know Frederick as one of the wagon drivers, but there were several more (and you could see some unnamed extras here and there throughout the chapter).

The reason I did it that way … well, I basically didn’t want to think about it too much and wanted the ability to throw in unnamed extras in the background here and there ;)

↓ Transcript
<It's the next morning. The sun is shining while the survivors are cleaning up and coping in general>
<Fernanda kneels in front of a dead body, holding an old hat in her hands. Chris is behind her, trying to comfort her.>
Fernanda: ... WHY? I ... I knew Eddis was a bastard, but THIS?!
Chris: You couldn't have seen that coming. The captain certainly DIDN'T ...
Fernanda: But why did it have to ... t-to ...
Chris: I am so sorry, Fernanda ...
<Meanwhile, Professor Queahn is sitting in front of another corpse>
Queahn: ... They should have listened to me. Even YOU didn't believe me. You just couldn't fully understand ... now matter how hard you tried.
Queahn: You have been with me longer than anyone else. You gave me hope when I had none. I ... I don't know how I am going to go on alone.
Queahn: But I am going to try ... what else can I do?
Fernanda: F-father ...
Queahn: ... Farewell, Cornelius.
<Katharina sits a bit away, just watching and looking really tired>