… who bet on Survivor’s Guilt … ?


↓ Transcript
<Katharina is talking to herself>
Katharina: ... I led them here. This is my fault. I was supposed to be the leader. They trusted me.
<Pesh ist appearing behinder her>
Pesh: Miss Grauch?
Katharina: <She seems not to notice him> This is my fault ...
Pesh: ... MISS GRAUCH?
Katharina: <jerks around> Y-YES? Sorry, I was ... yes?
Pesh: I've checked the surroundings. Every surviving attacker has fled. FAST. Understandably.
Katharina: Y-yes. good. That's ... that's good?
Pesh: ... it is.
Pesh: Word of advice, Miss: KEEP IT TOGETHER. We're NOT out of the jungle yet.