↓ Transcript
Pesh: Half of your people are DEAD. The rest is SCARED. Their leader should look like she believes they can MAKE IT OUT OF HERE.
Katharina: I ... y-you're right, yes. It's what Shara would tell me, too ...
<They both look towards the tent that Katharina was sitting in front of>
Pesh: How ... is she doing? Is she still unconcious?
Katharina: She was the last time I checked.
Pesh: I HOPE she is just exhausted from ... whatever happened there.
Pesh: You HOPE?
Katharina: I-I just don't know enough about it! I have no idea what -
Shara: ... I'm up ...
<Shara has come crawling out of the tent still looking at least as rough as the rest>
Shara: ... UGH. I feel like SHIT, though. It's like the WORST HANGOVER EVER.
<Both Katharina and Pesh just stare at her for a moment, without knowing what to say>
Shara ... this is gonna get AWKWARD, isn't it?