At least her eye is doing better. Still seems to be sore, though … I wonder if someone has some eye drops.

↓ Transcript
Pesh: SHARA! Are you -
Shara: Like I said, I feel like shit. But I'm FINE.
Katharina: Do you ... remember what happened?
Shara: ... sorta?
Katharina: What do you mean, "Sorta"?!
Shara: Don't yell at me, Kat! It's like ... I KNOW what happened, that's not it.
Shara: But thinking about it is like trying to remember something that happened in a DREAM ... you know? ... and why the heck is the whole camp staring at me like that?!
Katharina: ... because you turned into a VENGEFUL DEMON and slaughtered over THREE DOZEND PEOPLE?!
Shara: Well, YEAH! BAD people! who tried to KILL us! You're welcome!