Katharina: I ... I can't ... what even HAPPENED to you there?
Shara: Well, I USED THE BLADE, like I said. and it WORKED.
Pesh: But how could you even KNOW -
Shara: Hey, guys - LISTEN! I know this is a lot of shit to swallow - and I don't understand all of it, either. But as weird as it is to say that: We got bigger problems than the living sword right now!
Pesh: <looking to Katharina> ... Hmfh. She's kinda right. Like why those people were trying to kill us. After following us through the whole jungle.
Shara: They even kept the forsaken off our backs. They knew EXACTLY where we were going ... and that we're gonna find SOMETHING special there.
Katharina: Are those ... I mean WERE those ... the Black Fist?
Shara: Yeah. There were a hole bunch of BLACK FIST ENFORCERS among those. Many MORE than I thought could be in Serpent's End without anyone noticing ... wich is, y'know, WORRYING.
Katharina: But then how did they know what we were doing ... ?
Shara: Whaddaya think, Kat? 'CAUSE LADY V TOLD THEM.
Shara: ... are you gonna do what I think you are?
Katharina: <looks angrily over her shoulder to somewhere else> I am going to have a WORD with someone ... !
Shara: Well, wish I could see it ... but I think I'm gonna lie down a bit more.



Alt-text: "Shara hasn't only gotten good at deflecting arrows lately, but questions as well."

... I haven't specifically identified them as black fist, but, y'know, you've seen the armor. And the brandings.

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