↓ Transcript
<A little bit later, Katharina is sitting under a tree and brooding>
<Katharina is looking at her shaking hands while Shara is approaching>
Shara: ... how'd it go?
<Katharina jumps a bit>
Katharina: ?! ... O-OH! Shara! Didn't you want to lie down again?
Shara: Eh, I'm not that TIRED, more like ... REALLY SORE. So what about Book?
Katharina: He said ... he said he didn't see it coming. And he sounded really sorry about it.
Shara: And you believe him?
Katharina: I ... I do, yeah. I think I'm not even angry. Not at HIM. I mean we all knew Lady V was not a nice person ... we all COULD have expected something like this. But I just didn't think she'd go this far. That's just STUPID, right? I'm NAIVE and STUPID.
<Shara sits down next to her>
Shara: Well for what it's worth ... I didn't catch it either. Like, they DID rub me the wrong way ... that Eddis fellow or the human with the long hair. And that OTHER byzarian, with the BANDANA? Who never said anything? Looking back there clearly was SOMETHING up ... HINDSIGHT.