Being angry and scared and confused and NOT letting it all out on the nearest target? Halen would be proud!

↓ Transcript
Book: <sighs> If I hadn't closed my eyes ... if I'd decided to do SOMETHING ... maybe I could have seen it coming. Maybe I could've WARNED you. ... I'm sorry, Katharina.
Katharina: That ... that WOULD have been really helpful, yes. But it wasn't your fault in the end. I'm just ... ANGRY.
Book: BUT ... I still want to help. IF you'll still have me ... ?
Katharina: Well ... what do you think I was going to do? Leave you here? We are still in the jungle. We need everyone.
Book: Katharina, I -
Katharina: STOP. I ... I really don't know what to think right now, Jester. It's just ... let's just focus on doing what we have to. Alright?
Book: ... I understand.
Katharina: Good.