Well … this is kind of a tricky one (at least it is supposed to be) … can you give Book a pass for not wanting to be the next one face down in the river or is he basically just saying “I was just following orders”?

Of course I still left it kinda vague (deliberately) how much exactly he has known for how long, and in how much danger he could have reasonably expected to be if he tried to go to the authorities … that may be a bit too much to go into at this point. Kat also seems to be not so sure anymore as to how angry she wants to be …

↓ Transcript
Book: ... excuse me?
Katharina: I've heard you talking about her before! You KNEW how ruthless she really is! You just didn't want to talk about it because ... what, you were SCARED? Or did it feel better to pretend she wasn't TOO bad?!
Book: You make it sound like I could've just LEFT if I wanted too! Does she SOUND like someone who takes that well to you?!
Book: But ... you're right. I very much knew what she was capable of. I didn't at the beginning. She didn't tell me everything ... she NEVER does. But it was obvious enough after a while. I think she knew pretty soon I wouldn't be okay with all of it. I really don't know why she felt the need to placate my conscience by hiding things like that ... maybe she thought I was more effective that way? She was really fond of my organizing skills and left more and more of the tedious details to me.
Katharina: <calming down a little bit> ... but you STILL continued to work for her.
Book: Like I said, I couldn't just quit! Still ... I looked the other way as much as I could. I ... didn't want to face it.
Katharina: Sounds like she got sick of CARING ABOUT YOUR CONSCIENCE and decided to get rid of you - along with US.
Book: ... Indeed.