Katharina: I KNOW, okay?! You're RIGHT, I shouldn't blame myself. Especially since I still need to ...
Shara: ... to be a leader. Yeah.
Katharina: ... right.
Shara: You know I've got your back, right? The SWORD THING doesn't change that.
Katharina: I know. Thank you.
<beat panel, with Shara's hand on Katharina's shoulder>
<Katharina goes all in and hugs Shara>
<Shara seems a bit overwhelmed by that>
Shara: OOOOOKAY now princess, no need to get all MUSHY ...
Katharina: <still hugging her> I'm just glad that you're here, Shara.
Shara: Heh ... w-well ... <quiet> Haven't heard that one very often ...



Alt-text: "That last sentence is a little sad, Shara ... :/"

... awww ...

One thought on “page448

  1. “Uh … not the hugging type … I thought …” :)
    SHara, you’re in good company; even the 12th Doctor learned to enjoy it at some point.

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