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Shara: <pushes Katharina away> OKAY cuddle time over, princess! People might think we're getting SOFT.
Katharina: <smirks> I thought I already was ... ?
Shara: Well .. even SOFTER in your case.
Katharina: Right, sorry. I'll get back to the others.
Shara: WAIT. Before you go:
Katharina: Yes?
Shara: What happens to the sword now?
Katharina: It's ... it's back in the chest for now.
Shara: So we're taking it with us, yes?
Katharina: To be honest: I'm not sure we SHOULD ...
Shara: WHY?! Just because everything went horribly bad after we found it?
Katharina: I mean - YES!
Shara: That wasn't his fault! And he SAVED us!
Katharina: I know! But I'm not sure the OTHERS will understand that, you know?