Just a few more pages, then this chapter will wrap up … I can’t tell you when exactly, yet, but definitely before the new year!

(I hope y’all had a nice Halloween by the way, for those who celebrate it – I myself have seen the original “Halloween” movie for the first time ;) )

↓ Transcript
<Shara and Kat are walking back to the others and see Professor Queahn and Chris arguing>
Shara: Good thing we went back ... seems your guys are fighting, Kat.
Katharina: Oh please no ...
Shara: I figured the professor would've had some problems with what happened ...
Shara: <nasty smirk> Want me to handle that? I could tell him some stuff that would SCARE HIM IN LINE ... just say the word.
Katharina: What? NO! That's the last thing we need right now!
Shara: Kat ...
Katharina: NO. Stay here. Or even better: go lie down again. I'LL handle this.
Shara: Are you sure?
Katharina: YES.
<Katharina walks up to Queahn and Chris, both stop and turn their head towards her>
Katharina: SO ... what is the problem here?