Chris: I'm sorry, Ma'am. I'm trying to calm him down but -
Queahn: The problem? You ask what THE PROBLEM is?
Queahn: "THE PROBLEM", Miss Grauch is that after all that has happened - after all the WARNINGS I gave you THAT THING IS STILL AMONG US! Along with the person it possessed! Not to speak of that other man who works for the people who NEARLY KILLED EVERYBODY!
Katharina: THAT IS QUITE ENOUGH, PROFESSOR! I know you are upset. We ALL are. But I can assure you that everyone who is still here has SURVIVED THE SAME ASSAULT! We have been attacked by the SAME PEOPLE and fought for the SAME GOAL: to SURVIVE! YES we lost people - but I need EVERYONE here to work together now, to make sure we don't lose MORE. SHARA and BOOK are ready to do that. Are YOU, too?
Queahn: ... I ... F-FINE! I'll let it rest. FOR NOW. But once we are back I will raise some SERIOUS questions about this expedition with Master Peck!
Katharina: Please do. I certainly will.
Queahn: Hmhf.
Queahn: But about the SWORD ...
Katharina: ... We are going to take it with us, professor.
Queahn: WHAT?



Alt-text: "The professor will file a very serious complaint."

Hey guess what - Pesh now has his own cast page! Look at his handsome face and the bushy Soaleyvin ears.

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  1. Yay for Pesh page!! He has realy earned it now!

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