Queahn: Y-You can not be SERIOUS! After ALL YOU'VE SEEN -
Katharina: PROFESSOR. Believe me when I say: I REALLY wish we had never stumbled over that damn thing. I wish the whole expedition had been a LETDOWN and we had found nothing besides a few crumbling rocks. Nothing MAGICAL and certainly nothing worth KILLING us over ... but that is not what happened.
Katharina: Now we have the sword, and with it a RESPONSIBILITY. If we just leave it here - even if we BURY it - it WILL be found again. Maybe by Lady Violet's people ... or the forsaken. Or THE EMPIRE. Is THAT something you want?
Queahn: ... n-no. But ...
Katharina: I know that artifact is DANGEROUS. Possibly in ways we can't yet imagine. But that's why we have to make sure it does not fall into the WRONG HANDS. And try to find out what exactly it DOES. Or TRIES TO DO. That is our duty as SCHOLARS OF THE GUILD. Do you understand?
Queahn: I ... I do. I does make some sense. And I see that you have already made your choice. Let us just hope it was the right one. For all of our sakes.
Queahn: ... I still want it on official record that I thought it was a bad idea.
Katharina: I will write it down.
Queahn: A-and ... I can't just leave Cornelius' body here without ...
Katharina: We will have a funeral for everyone before we move on.
Queahn: ... good.



Alt-text: "Funny how quickly Kat has adopted Shara's arguments once there is someone else arguing against it ..."

One more page after this one and then it's off to the next chapter ... I'm excited!

(I hope you are, too :) )

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  1. I just hope the funeral doesn’t cost them too much time so that the next trouble group arrives … :/ They all deserve some moments of peace, mourning and healing!

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