Welcome to chapter seven!

We start by taking a little peek into what Lady Amanda Hoffrin a.k.a. Lady Violet is doing … she can’t be too happy with how the last chapter ended.

↓ Transcript
<A torture cellar in Serpent's End. Lady Violet and a Drak called Tenkin are interrogating a surviving Baroc from the expedition attackers>
Lady Violet: ... Are you SURE of what you saw?
Survivor: Y-yes Lady! I swear by the Empress, IT'S TRUE! She got POSSESSED by that weapon! She fought like ONE OF THE DAUGHTERS HERSELF! I barely got away!
<Lady Violet leans toward the Drak>
Lady Violet: ... do you think he's lost it?
Tenkin: I know him, he doesn't break easily. If he's THAT upset there must be something to it.
Lady Violet: Hmhf. Which means there might be SOMETHING coming out of this fiasco ...
Lady Violet: Of course it would have beenMUCH BETTER if your people had secured it for me RIGHT AWAY.
Tenkin: We could not have anticipated something like THAT.
Lady Violet: You knew what the mages had in GOLDHAVEN!
Tenkin: And we also know who gave it to them. So be CAREFUL.
Tenkin: It was YOUR agent you insisted on -
Survivor: WAIT, NO! DON'T BRING IT HERE! The empress will DOME AND GET IT!