Just to clarify, because it came up last week ... no, that guy in the chair is not Straw. Straw is, like, suuuper dead :) (In fact Straw is that "your agent" this survivor is talking about in panel 2)   Announcement: As every year, I'm going to take a short break between the years - two weeks where I'll just be posting some random artworks. Next week will still be a normal page (well ... more or less normal, you'll see ;) ) but after that there will be two weeks of filler, with the regular story resuming on 2022-01-09. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “page456

  1. Maybe you should add a “random baroc survivor” tag to the previous page *g*
    And I still suspect that even Straw’s soul got eaten …

    1. Well … no comment about what happened to Straw’s soul. Or the souls of all the other people Shara killed in with the Sword ;)

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