Alt-text: "If there's one thing the Black Fist has going for them, it's cool asymmetrical armor!"

Just to clarify, because it came up last week ... no, that guy in the chair is not Straw. Straw is, like, suuuper dead :)

(In fact Straw is that "your agent" this survivor is talking about in panel 2)  

Announcement: As every year, I'm going to take a short break between the years - two weeks where I'll just be posting some random artworks. Next week will still be a normal page (well ... more or less normal, you'll see ;) ) but after that there will be two weeks of filler, with the regular story resuming on 2022-01-09. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “page456

  1. Maybe you should add a “random baroc survivor” tag to the previous page *g*
    And I still suspect that even Straw’s soul got eaten …

    1. Well … no comment about what happened to Straw’s soul. Or the souls of all the other people Shara killed in with the Sword ;)

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