Just to clarify, because it came up last week … no, that guy in the chair is not Straw. Straw is, like, suuuper dead :)

(In fact Straw is that “your agent” this survivor is talking about in panel 2)


Announcement: As every year, I’m going to take a short break between the years – two weeks where I’ll just be posting some random artworks. Next week will still be a normal page (well … more or less normal, you’ll see ;) ) but after that there will be two weeks of filler, with the regular story resuming on 2022-01-09. Thanks!

↓ Transcript
<Lady Violet and Tenkin are both turning to the survivor>
Tenkin: You shut up or I'll -
Lady Violet: SHH! ... what did you say?
Survivor: The ... THE EMPRESS. That blade must have been HERS!
Lady Violet: <leans forward> Why do you think that?
Survivor: I - I just KNOW it! ALL the baroc could feel it - I saw it in their eyes! Even ... even YOUR AGENT, Lady. I saw him panic.
Lady Violet: I see. And taking this sword would make the Empress VERY ANGRY, yes?
Survivor: Er ... y-yes? Nobody every steals from her and lives!
Tenkin: Lady, the artifact may be powerful but that doesn't mean this baroc's SUPERSTITIONS are any -
Lady Violet: TENKIN. Your people might for the very first time be ACTUALLY HELPFUL. So please SHUT UP.
<She looks back at the survivor>
Lady Violet: ... tell me more. This is getting INTERESTING.