Gregor: ... you didn't expect to be in a WAR when you came here, didn't you?
Katharina: ... a ... a WAR?
Gregor: Yes, Miss Grauch. The Guild has been at war since we were founded. It might just be a bit more overt HERE than where you are from.
Katharina: But ...
Halen: Alright, that's ENOUGH Gregor! You KNOW I don't like it when you talk like that.
Gregor: That doesn't mean it's not TRUE, Halen!
Halen: Well, before we DECLARE WAR ON THE REST OF THE CITY ... ... how about we slow down and try to TALK to people?
Katharina: That sounds ... like a better idea.
Gregor: Hmfh.
Halen: I ... must admit it does sound like we need to be wary of Ech'eta and Lord Harnicky ... but at least the other two should listen. I'll talk to them as soon as I can.
Katharina: And I'll talk to the guard captain, I guess ... just to get a feeling for where she stands.
Halen: Just don't let her rough exterior throw you off.
Gregor: FINE. We'll do it YOUR WAY, Halen. But be careful what you reveal to those people!
Halen: They are not our enemies, Gregor!
Gregor: I hope you are right. For the CITY'S SAKE!



Alt-text: "Gregor kinda switched the subject there before he could get called out too much ..."

Once again, Gregor talking about war here is a coincidence and not meant to be a comment on current events (which are frightening but I don't have anything more insightful to say about that so I won't).  

On another note, I've added a few more faces to the overview cast page (under "Serpent's End" - "Other people from the city"). As always, once they start appearing more and more they might get their own detail page at some point.    

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