<Later, at the city guard headquarters. Katharina is talking to captain Slania in her office>
Slania: I don't talk about ongoing investigations.
Katharina: That is ... TOTALLY SENSIBLE. But I really hope that you are making good progress towards finding those responsible ... and want to offer my help. And that of the GUILD.
Slania: THANKS. But it's better if your guild keeps out of my work.
Katharina: May I ask ... WHY? Surely you don't doubt that we were the VICTIM of this attack?
Slania: No.
Katharina: Then why -
Katharina: <starts to look annoyed> ... "Politics". Care to elaborate?
Slania: You should know what I mean.
Katharina: ... is this how you treat everyone who comes to you seeking HELP?
<Slania stards standing up and leans over menacingly>
Slania: MHM. I assure you I am taking this VERY SERIOUSLY. Which is why I don't want the guild interfering to FURTHER THEIR OWN GOALS.



Alt-text: "Captain Slania has been trying to commission an appropriately sized desk for her for years, but she just didn't have the time ..."

Look, it's the big guard lady herself! When we last saw her she was questioning Shara about some things ...  

(I really wanted to do some more with her, and I'm glad to be starting this part)

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