Look, it’s the big guard lady herself! When we last saw her she was questioning Shara about some things …


(I really wanted to do some more with her, and I’m glad to be starting this part)

↓ Transcript
<Later, at the city guard headquarters. Katharina is talking to captain Slania in her office>
Slania: I don't talk about ongoing investigations.
Katharina: That is ... TOTALLY SENSIBLE. But I really hope that you are making good progress towards finding those responsible ... and want to offer my help. And that of the GUILD.
Slania: THANKS. But it's better if your guild keeps out of my work.
Katharina: May I ask ... WHY? Surely you don't doubt that we were the VICTIM of this attack?
Slania: No.
Katharina: Then why -
Katharina: <starts to look annoyed> ... "Politics". Care to elaborate?
Slania: You should know what I mean.
Katharina: ... is this how you treat everyone who comes to you seeking HELP?
<Slania stards standing up and leans over menacingly>
Slania: MHM. I assure you I am taking this VERY SERIOUSLY. Which is why I don't want the guild interfering to FURTHER THEIR OWN GOALS.