You could call Katharina a bit of a hypocrite here … since she isn’t actually new to the “best trust no one” thinking.


Also, Slania is bit more eloquent here than in her first appearance. She still doesn’t like to talk too much, but she sounds less like a Rorschach-impersonator. Maybe that’s an act she puts on from time to time to seem less smart than she is …

↓ Transcript
Katharina: Pfh ... "Our own goals" ... why does everyone always assume ULTERIOR MOTIVES? You and the guild, we both are just serving the city!
Slania: Miss Grauch. I know you are new here. But you MUST know of the situation around Master Peck and his opponents.
Katharina: I ... sure.
Slania: I know you were in the jungle. I know you lost people. I know it's HARD. I've lost enough in my life.
Slania: But this is not an isolated incident. The Mages' Guild is TOO BIASED. Which is why I can't tell you more. The best way you can help me is to answer my questions when I ask them.
Slania: Do you understand?
Katharina: <sighs> ... fine. Is ... that why you wanted to keep Book HERE?
Slania: Yes.
Slania: I have to work now.
Katharina: Can I ... see him?
Slania: ... sure. But make it short.