↓ Transcript
Katharina: Okay ... I see how there might be SOME tension, but ... ugh, if only Master Peck wasn't such a PARANOID IDIOT!
Shara: Yeah ... I'm kinda realizing that Halen must've been WORKING HIS ASS OFF the last years to keep things as calm as they were.
Shara: WAIT - the big V herself is stepping up to speak.
Katharina: What, really?! That's a bit more ... out in the open than I expected from her.
Shara: Seems she's goin' into the offensive ...
<Ladia Violet has indeed stepped up to the podium>
Lady Violet: ... Thank you, Tobias. NOW. A lot of you probably know who I am. Or can guess, at least. I am LADY AMANDA HOFFRIN.
Lady Violet: I am a BUSINESSWOMAN. I try to care for my little family of employees, while keeping out of politics as best as I can. People like my friend Tobias Langer here are much more suited for that than me. I trust him to do whatever is best for our city.
Lady Violet: But I can't just SIT BY while someone does something that endangers the health and safety of all the good people here! Which is why I must talk about the MAGES' GUILD ... and what they brought into THESE VERY WALLS on one of their latest expeditions!
<Katharina and Shara both look alarmed as they realize what Lady V is goint to talki about>
Katharina: Oh NO. Please tell me she WON'T ...