Lady Violet: In their shortsighted pursuit of power, sent by MASTER PECK himself, and led by an outsider named KATHARINA ARKADIA GRAUCH -
Katharina: W-wait, she can't just throw MY NAME out there!
Lady Violet: - the mages unearthed a dangerous MAGICAL ARTIFACT. One that promptly proceeded to KILL HALF OF THEM. And they still brought it BACK HERE!
Shara: GRRR ... I kinda wanna RUN UP and STRANGLE HER right now.
Lady Violet: Unfortunately I heard of this too late to stop it. I am sure that this artifact is at the Guild Halls RIGHT NOW - right at MASTER PECK'S FEET - and that his people are experimenting on it!
<people in the growd are gasping and shouting "is that true?" - "these damn mages!" etc.>
Lady Violet: Men and women of Serpent's End! Does this sound like the actions of a group that IN ANY WAY cares about the wellbeing of this city? YOUR wellbeing?!
<people are shouting "no!" - "as if!" - "i knew they were going to doom us one day!">
Lady Violet: This isn't about POLITICS, or about MONEY ... this is about SURVIVAL! And I for one am READY TO FIGHT! Are you, too?
<the crowd is shouting an cheering>
Katharina: But ... she CAN'T JUST ...
<Shara begins to drag Katharina backwards by her shirt>
Shara: Alright Kat, it's time to GET OUT OF HERE. Before we catch someone's attention!



Alt-text: "Shara at the top is of course mostly mad about the fact that Lady V falsely accuses Gideon of killing half of the mages."

Happy easter, everyone. (In case you celebrate it ... or just enjoy bank holidays)

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