<Shara has dragged Katharina a few blocks away from the crowds>
Shara: Alright, we SHOULD be good. But better get some more distance, just in case.
Katharina: I can't believe she told everyone it was MY FAULT!
Shara: At least YOU don't think that anymore ... right?
Katharina: Well ... you know it was a hard decision! But it was definitely HER PEOPLE who killed our friends! NOT that blade!
Shara: You didn't expect her to ADMIT that, do you?
Katharina: No ... but I can't believe the crowd just SWALLOWED it! They were getting FURIOUS!
Shara: I TOLD YOU it'd be dangerous to go there.
Katharina: ... thank you for coming with me.
Shara: <sighs> Just keepin' you safe. as always. You at least owe me a DRINK for that.
Katharina: HEH. I do, don't I?
Shara: KAT. You heard Lady V talk. She KNOWS we have the blade. She knows where it is. It's not safe at the guild anymore!
Katharina: I ... thought about that. I thought maybe we could get it to Goldhaven in a ship. Over there we have more -
Shara: GOLDHAVEN?! Oh, HECK no!
Katharina: But we have even more people and influence there! It would be SAFER and we'd have more resources to ANALYZE it!
Shara: It's also where the BLACK FIST is the strongest! If you don't want the wrong paws on your artifact, you don't stick it into the fucking HORNETS' NEST!
Katharina: I'm not sure that metaphor holds up ...
Shara: Am I a POET?! I don't care!



Alt-text: "Don't stick your nose into the hornets' nest, or else you'll get the horns."

I'm not quite sure how to draw that new scar at Shara's left eye, so you might see it change a bit the next few pages.

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