I’m not quite sure how to draw that new scar at Shara’s left eye, so you might see it change a bit the next few pages.

↓ Transcript
<Shara has dragged Katharina a few blocks away from the crowds>
Shara: Alright, we SHOULD be good. But better get some more distance, just in case.
Katharina: I can't believe she told everyone it was MY FAULT!
Shara: At least YOU don't think that anymore ... right?
Katharina: Well ... you know it was a hard decision! But it was definitely HER PEOPLE who killed our friends! NOT that blade!
Shara: You didn't expect her to ADMIT that, do you?
Katharina: No ... but I can't believe the crowd just SWALLOWED it! They were getting FURIOUS!
Shara: I TOLD YOU it'd be dangerous to go there.
Katharina: ... thank you for coming with me.
Shara: <sighs> Just keepin' you safe. as always. You at least owe me a DRINK for that.
Katharina: HEH. I do, don't I?
Shara: KAT. You heard Lady V talk. She KNOWS we have the blade. She knows where it is. It's not safe at the guild anymore!
Katharina: I ... thought about that. I thought maybe we could get it to Goldhaven in a ship. Over there we have more -
Shara: GOLDHAVEN?! Oh, HECK no!
Katharina: But we have even more people and influence there! It would be SAFER and we'd have more resources to ANALYZE it!
Shara: It's also where the BLACK FIST is the strongest! If you don't want the wrong paws on your artifact, you don't stick it into the fucking HORNETS' NEST!
Katharina: I'm not sure that metaphor holds up ...
Shara: Am I a POET?! I don't care!