Pesh and Shara talked about her going back to Soaleyvin with him before. It didn’t go especially well.

↓ Transcript
Katharina: Where would YOU bringt it then?
Shara: Just ... somewhere far away. Where nobody would look. I could take him and just ... GO FAR AWAY.
Katharina: <sighs> We can't just let you walk away with a POWERFUL, SENTIENT and POTENTIALLY UNSTABLE artifact, Shara!
Shara: Well ... you could come with us?
Katharina: Still a bad idea. Also, wouldn't that make me a third wheel ... ?
Shara: <grins> ... don't worry, I'd keep making out with the sword to a minimum.
Katharina: PLEASE tell me that's not what you have been doing with him when you're down there.
Shara: You KNOW there's always you and at least two other people watching me when I see him. Kinda KILLS THE MOOD.
Katharina: HEH, I can Imagine.
<They walk alongside each other for a while, in silence>
Katharina: ... did you talk to Pesh before he left?
Shara: No. He was in a hurry to report what we found to his guys in Soaleyvin. Thought they'd be interested. So ... y'know. Prepare for THEM to be at your doorstep, sooner or later.
Katharina: Did he ask you to come with him again?
Shara: Yeah.
Katharina: And how did he take it that you ...
Shara: POORLY.