Alt-text: "Kat is learning from Shara. Specifically how to deflect an uncomfortable topic by diverting to make-out jokes."

Pesh and Shara talked about her going back to Soaleyvin with him before. It didn't go especially well.

2 thoughts on “page474

  1. Minor Error: extra “t” on Katharina’s first speech bubble.

    Been fascinating seeing how these two’s relationship developed over the years. I appreciate their built in flaws, makes them more human. On a different not I am cheering on Katharina’s relationship with Book, but I’m weary of Shara’s towards the sword. I wonder how much of her feelings for it are sincere or simply the result of her nostalgia for Gideon. Hell I don’t even know if her and Gideon’s relationship was healthy to begin with.

    1. Thanks for pointing the typo out, should be fixed now!

      As for the rest, those are some very good questions to ask … ;) I’m glad you like it so far!

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