Katharina: I'm sorry things didn't work out with Pesh.
Shara: Eh, he was a jerk anyway. And so am I I guess. ... are you coming? We're back at your halls.
Katharina: I know ... why don't you go on in without me? I think I'll just walk a little more as long as the sun's still up. I need to clear my head ... it's all been a lot ...
Shara: Didn't you just take me along because it's NOT SAFE?
Katharina: That was the DOCKS, Shara, not here!
Shara: If I have to come rescue your princess butt again I'll be REALLY mad ...
Katharina: <smirks> I'll stay within screaming distance of the Guild Halls, I swear.
Shara: Fine. WHATEVER. But don't take too long - we wanted to see the blade again today, remember?
Katharina: Don't worry. See you in a bit!
<Katharina walks away while Shara is standing in front of the Guild Hall, looking after her>
Gideon: It's adorable how you try to keep her safe. ... even though she is keeping me LOCKED UP.
Shara: <thinking> ... I kinda understand it. But it's still annoying that they'll only let me touch you ONCE A DAY for a few minutes.
Gideon: I told you this would happen, didn't I?
Shara: <thinking> ... yeah.
Gideon: I know you respect your friend, but ... you HAVE to get me further away from here! You TRIED, but she didn't understand. So you'll have to find ANOTHER WAY.
Shara: <thinking> I know ...



Alt-text: "At least Shara managed not to mutter audibly while standing in front of those guards."

I didn't really have the time to show those two walking across half of the town so ... you'll just have to trust me when I imply that the Mages' Guild halls are in quite a different part of Serpent's End than the plaza where Lady V had her speech.

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