<Katharina is walking around while the sun is setting, thinking to herself>
<Someone calls from behind her>
Kibble: HEEEEEEEY Magic Lady!
Katharina: W-What? Excuse me ... do I KNOW you?
Kibble: Of COURSE you know me! And I know you've been WAITING for me!
Katharina: <starts looking annoyed> Wait - you're KIBBLE, right? From the ... er ... TWO BROTHERS?
Kibble: Oh, we're playing SHY, are we? GOTCHA!
Katharina: What are you TALKING about? What are you DOING here?
Kibble: I've been looking for YOU, of course!
Katharina: WHY?!
Kibble: Oh, you KNOW what I'm best at, sweetie ...
Kibble: <whispers under his breath> PLEASE, Miss! I need to talk to you! It's IMPORTANT!
Katharina: Wait ... what?
Kibble: W-why don't we find a more PRIVATE PLACE for us two, hmm ... ?



Alt-text: "I'm sure this will all be harmless."

Oh, look who it is! They have even interacted before (briefly) ...

I just kinda wanted to draw him again.  

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