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<Katharina angrily pulls Kibble close>
Katharina: <whispers> What is this?! What are you trying to do here?!
Kibble: <whispers> I'm sorry, Ma'am! I REALLY need to tell you something! But ... but I can't let anyone know I told you!
Katharina: <whispers> So you decided to HARASS ME ON THE STREET?!
Kibble: <whispers> I thought ... I thought nobody would know what we really talked about if we acted like ... you know ... you were a CUSTOMER ...
Katharina: Oh, BY LHÛN'S GRACE! That is the MOST IDIOTIC THING I have heard in a while.
Kibble: I'm SORRY, I'm not good at this! I would've done it at the Serpent's Tail, but you're never there anymore! And neither is your friend!
Kibble: <whispers> ... now, can we at least go into a SIDE ALLEY or something?
Katharina: <whispers> I am not going into a side alley with you!
Kibble: <whispers> But ...
Katharina: <sighs> KIBBLE. I have some REALLY BAD WEEKS behind me. And TODAY wasn't great, either. So either you tell me what you want from me RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW - or you LEAVE ME ALONE. PLEASE.
Kibble: I ... I don't WANT anything from you. ... I'm here to WARN you.