Seems like she needs to …


… book it.



↓ Transcript
Katharina: ... you're here to WARN me?!
Kibble: Yeah. My brother said it'd be too dangerous, but ... y'know. I like Shara, and you're her friend ... and I don't like how everyone is talking about Mages these days ...
Katharina: Kibble! Warn me about WHAT?
Kibble: We hear a lot of stuff during our work ... and we never really liked Lady V and her types ...
Katharina: KIBBLE!
Katharina: Look: I ... I APPRECIATE you trying to help. And I don't want to sound UNGRATEFUL, but ... I already KNOW that Lady Violet doesn't like us. Do you know anything more SPECIFIC?
Kibble: Well, I think they are going to do something TONIGHT ...
Katharina: TONIGHT? What are they going to do?
Kibble: I just heard two of them talking about it this morning!
Katharina: <grabs him> Kibble, WHAT are they doing?!
Kibble: I-I'm not sure! It was something about ... "getting rid of some problem", I think?
Katharina: A prob - OH NO. BOOK!
<She runs off in a hurry, leaving Kibble standing who looks unsure what to do next>