<Shara is hiding behind a corner and watching Katharina sprint away>
Shara: <thinking> ... girl, are you SERIOUS?! First you won't leave the house without me and now you run off like a WILD RABBIT?
Shara: <thinking> I KNEW she was gonna do something stupid! Spirits ... I'm gonna have to follow her again ...
Gideon: ... you don't HAVE to.
Shara: <thinking> She'll get herself into trouble.
Gideon: Which would be HER OWN FAULT. You wanted to visit ME.
Shara: <thinking> I can't just visit you BY MYSELF. She needs to vouch for me, remember?
Gideon: At some point you WILL have to find a way around that. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.
Shara: <thinking> I'll worry about that once Kat is safe.
Gideon: What about MY SAFETY? Is that not important anymore?
Shara: <thinking> Not now, Gideon. PLEASE.
Shara: <thinking> Whithout Katharina I'll have a much harder time getting to you, anyways. So we NEED HER for now.
Gideon: ... Fine.



Alt-text: "... I hope 'frizzly' is a word."

Gideon gets all frizzly when he's upset

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