So, Book might be in trouble? Why don’t we do what Katharina can’t and instantly take a look at his situation!



… he might be in trouble, ain’t he?

↓ Transcript
<Jester's cell in the guard baracks. It's dark and he is lying in his bed>
<His eyes open a bit while we barely hear voices from the guards outside>
Guard 1: <whispering> ... is he asleep?
Guard 2: <whispering> Should be.
Guard 1: <whispering> Good. That'll make things ... quieter I guess.
Guard 1: <whispering> The Captain's distracted?
Guard 2: <whispering> Yeah, she left half an hour ago.
Guard 1: <whispering> Welp. Time for our BREAK then.
<Jester is slowly getting up>
<He picks up his glasses from the table>
<He sticks his head out of the cell to look down the hallway>
<The guards are gone and he is now all alone in the whole cell tract>
Book: <thinking> ... this is NOT GOOD.