Shara: GREAT. Remind me to never expect help from you when I'M in trouble.
Katharina: You just yelled at me for running into danger! And now you want me to GO INTO THERE?!
Shara: NO I DON'T! I want us both to GET OUT OF HERE! But I also don't give a shit about BOOK! But YOU do, don't you?
Katharina: Y-yes! But HOW -
Shara: SHHHH!
<She heard a sound coming from the guard barracks and peeks around the corner>
Shara: Something's happening.
<We see Book, with a sack over his head and his hands tied being led away by a bunch of hooded people>
Shara: Hrm. ... I think I might KNOW these guys.
Shara: They're BLACK FIST. Your boy's IN TROUBLE, alright.
Katharina: Oh NO!



Alt-text: "They're getting quite good at the scooby stack, I must say."

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