I’ve personally never been in a situation where I could have played the hero … I would love to imagine that when it comes down to it I’d overcome my fear and let the adrenaline fuel me to do awesome stuff.

But, you know … on the other hand I might go into full panic mode and just run away as fast as possible. Or freeze and do nothing. Kat might have a similar problem here.

↓ Transcript
<Meanwhile, not far away. Katharina is outside of the guard barracks, hiding in a dark alley watching the building>
<Katharina leans out behind a corner to take a peek at the barracks>
<Shara sneaks up behind her and starts whispering>
Shara: ... Kat, don't freak out - it's me! Shara. But would you mind telling me WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE DOING?!
Katharina: SHARA! I'm so glad you're here! I-I know I should have told you first but I PANICKED ... !
Shara: Told me what? That you ran off into danger despite SPECIFICALLY PROMISING NOT TO?!
Katharina: It's BOOK, Shara! He's in danger!
Shara: Hold on, GENERAL danger or SPECIFIC danger? 'cause we know Lady V wants him -
Katharina: Specific! Kibble told me!
Shara: KIBBLE?! How did he -
Katharina: BY HITTING ON ME!
Shara: ... ok, we're gonna unpack that later. For now just CALM DOWN.
Katharina: I-I ...
Shara: <checks around the corner> So you're here to check on book. Why are we standing in an alley looking at the barracks, then, instead of GOIN IN?
Katharina: Because I saw some people going in when I arrived! And they didn't look like guards!
Shara: Right. ... so WHY are we standing in an alley, just watching?
Katharina: <buries her face in her hands> Because I am terrified and a coward and I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!