Look who it is! And who hasn’t really gotten any more tactful!

Just to note: they are still all supposed to be talking quietly here … I just found that when I do whole pages in the “whispering” grey it kinda looks strange. So just imagine they are appropriately whispering … or far enough away.


Also … sorry, Kat, people kinda do that to you, don’t they. Including Shara.

↓ Transcript
<A little later, Shara and Katharina followed the thugs to an abandoned building and are talking quietly outside>
Katharina: You're sure they went in there? Why would they bring him here?!
Shara: I bet they wanna question him.
Katharina: So he's STILL ALIVE?!
Shara: Yeah, but he's not gonna have a great time if we don't hurry.
Katharina: But how do we -
<Cpt. Slania has snuck up behind Katharina and grabs her across the mouth>
Katharina: - HMMMF!
Shara: KAT!
Slania: Explain what is happening here.
Shara: YOU?! Let her go or I'll cut your arm off! Did YOU get bought, too?
Katharina: Mmmhm!
<Slania lets Katharina go again, who stumbles towards Shara, gasping>
Slania: Not here to hurt you. Was called away from the barracks, but something seemed OFF. Came back to see abandoned posts and a missing prisoner. And YOU TWO. Who are you following?
Katharina: ... did you have to GRAB ME LIKE THAT?!
Slania: Sorry. You seem like you scream when surprised.
Shara: ... well, she's not wrong ...