Better safe than sorry, I guess.

Also eye rolling with just one eye works just as fine it seems.

↓ Transcript
Shara: ... so, we don't know more than that, either, okay?
Slania: You're SURE they are Black Fist?
Shara: Yes. Which is GOOD.
Katharina: WHY?
Shara: 'Cause Lady V just wants your boy DEAD so he can't talk. But The Fist will want some INFO ON HER before they do that.
Katharina: So they're ... i-interrogating him?
Shara: Yeah. They love abandoned houses for shit like this. I bet they put him in a room up top with a few guards on the ground floor and some more on the way up.
Slania: How many?
Shara: Wasn't clear, but I don't expect more than half a dozent ... they're overconfident like that.
Shara: Er ... all of which I know because I had a FRIEND who was with them. Who i then REPORTED TO THE AUTHPRITIES AS APPROPRIATE.
Slania: Don't bother. I know. And I'm not after you.
Shara: You're not after me RIGHT NOW! I'm not admitting ANYTHING. 'Cause I didn't DO anything. GOT IT?
Slania: <rolls her eye> Suit yourself.
Katharina: S-sorry ... but can we PLEASE focus on HOW TO GET BOOK OUT OF THERE?!
Shara: Sure, princess. You're lucky I have so much SECOND-HAND knowledge of the Black Fist ...