Shara: Okay, Captain: If you really want to help you should create a DIVERSION AT THE ENTRANCE so that Kat and I can sneak in and grab Book.
Slania: They'll see that coming.
Shara: Not as long as they think they have the upper hand with you - trust me.
Slania: They can still decide to play it safe and just kill the hostage.
Shara: They are used to being on home turf. It'll take them a moment to admit it's gotten out of control.
Slania: ... you talk like they are PREDICTABLE. And DUMB.
Shara: We ... they CAN be. They usually rely on BRUTE FORCE. But if these are ACTUAL ENFORCERS they're also much more dangerous than your average thug, so ... don't underestimate them.
Slania: Hrf. Fine. But that doesn't sound like it will work for long. And if it stops working, I will rush in there to get him out personally.
Shara: Through all of them? You're CRAZY.
Slania: I've faced worse.
Shara: Well, It's YOUR hide. As long as it gives us enough time to snatch book ...
Katharina: Ehrm ... Shara?
Katharina: ... how EXACTLY are we supposed to sneak in if he's at the top floor?
Shara: We'll ... think of something.



Alt-text: "... if videogames have tought me anything, there HAS to be a way up there. Because the objective's there. Right?"

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