Don’t worry, Shara. Kat might still be terrified out of her mind, but she has a plan!

↓ Transcript
Katharina: ... I ... I could get us onto the roof. With magic.
Shara: They know mages. They'll hear a teleport.
Katharina: Not a teleport. I'll LEVITATE us.
Shara: Then they'll SEE us.
Katharina: Not if we take a side where the windows are barricaded! Which actually is ... most of them, right?
Shara: Still, if they peer through a crack at the wrong moment ...
Katharina: I can sense ahead to make sure they don't.
Shara: They're trained to sense spells being cast on them. Are you SURE you can be subtle enough with your magic?
Katharina: Y-yes! They're going to be DISTRACTED, right?
Shara: SHIT ... we're gonna do this, ain't we? I'm gonna let you lift me up four stories onto a roof?
Katharina: It's ... it's going to be fine!
Slania: <smiling slightly> This plan is ridiculous. Brings back memories.
Shara: Well, it's gotta be enough ... 'cause we don't have time for a better one.