<Meanwhile at the ground floor, we see a bunch of Black Fist thugs waiting>
Byzarian thug: They better make it quick upstairs ... I don't like this place. It looks like it could COME DOWN ANY MOMENT.
Human thug: Don't be a baby. As long as YOUR MOM won't try to climb these stairs it'll be fine.
Byzarian thug: Oh SHUT UP.
<It knocks at the door and all three thugs startle a bit>
Byzarian thug: <whispering> DAMN - who the fuck is that?! You said we weren't followed!
Human thug: <whispering> Holy shit!
Byzarian thug: <whispering> ... Whaddaya see?
Human thug: <whispering> That's ONE BIG LADY! Don't tell me your mom's actually here!
<Slania is standing outside of the closed door>
Byzarian thug: <whispering> Let me see ... THAT'S THE GUARD CAPTAIN, YOU MORON! Be quiet or we're fucked!
Slania: I KNOW I heard someone in there. This is an ABANDONED BUILDING. You shouldn't be in there. Come out now and I'll only give you a WARNING.
Byzarian thug: <whispering> I don't see anyone ELSE, though ... I think she's alone.
Human thug: <whispering> ... she knows what we're doing here, right? It's a trap?
Other human thug: <whispering> 'Course it is! Has to be!
Byzarian thug: <whispering> I dunno ... pretty sure there's no one else out there. At least not close enough to rush in and HELP HER IN TIME ...
Human thug: <whispering> What are you saying?
Byzarian thug: <whispering, grinning> ... think about how great HAVING THE GUARD CAPTAIN AS A HOSTAGE would be!



Alt-text: "... I can see no way whis could go wrong."

I'm beginning to think Shara has made those Black Fist guys out to be a little more frightening than they actually are.  

... on the other hand, just because they're kind of idiots, doesn't mean they can't still be cruel and brutal when they set their sights on something.

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