I’m beginning to think Shara has made those Black Fist guys out to be a little more frightening than they actually are.


… on the other hand, just because they’re kind of idiots, doesn’t mean they can’t still be cruel and brutal when they set their sights on something.

↓ Transcript
<Meanwhile at the ground floor, we see a bunch of Black Fist thugs waiting>
Byzarian thug: They better make it quick upstairs ... I don't like this place. It looks like it could COME DOWN ANY MOMENT.
Human thug: Don't be a baby. As long as YOUR MOM won't try to climb these stairs it'll be fine.
Byzarian thug: Oh SHUT UP.
<It knocks at the door and all three thugs startle a bit>
Byzarian thug: <whispering> DAMN - who the fuck is that?! You said we weren't followed!
Human thug: <whispering> Holy shit!
Byzarian thug: <whispering> ... Whaddaya see?
Human thug: <whispering> That's ONE BIG LADY! Don't tell me your mom's actually here!
<Slania is standing outside of the closed door>
Byzarian thug: <whispering> Let me see ... THAT'S THE GUARD CAPTAIN, YOU MORON! Be quiet or we're fucked!
Slania: I KNOW I heard someone in there. This is an ABANDONED BUILDING. You shouldn't be in there. Come out now and I'll only give you a WARNING.
Byzarian thug: <whispering> I don't see anyone ELSE, though ... I think she's alone.
Human thug: <whispering> ... she knows what we're doing here, right? It's a trap?
Other human thug: <whispering> 'Course it is! Has to be!
Byzarian thug: <whispering> I dunno ... pretty sure there's no one else out there. At least not close enough to rush in and HELP HER IN TIME ...
Human thug: <whispering> What are you saying?
Byzarian thug: <whispering, grinning> ... think about how great HAVING THE GUARD CAPTAIN AS A HOSTAGE would be!